Linda Garwood

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Linda Garwood is originally from Mexico and is now permanently residing in San Diego. She has been dancing and studying tango since 1998 and has been teaching since 2002. She teaches strictly social tango both from the leader’s and follower’s perspective in both traditional salon tango and the more intimate Milonguero style. She has traveled extensively to complement her training, learning from well known Argentine masters such as Facundo Posadas, Guillermo Merlo, Fernanda Ghi, Sergio Cortazzao, Stella Barba, Graciela Gonzalez and many more.  Most recently she trained in the Milonguero style with Susana Miller, Argentina’s foremost teacher in this style. Linda has been in Buenos Aires twice, both times spending a month perfecting her dancing technique and investigating different teaching methodologies. The Argentine influence can be felt and seen in her approach to teaching Tango. Posture, connection and musicality are emphasized extensively through all her classes.  Technique is always the focus point of her teaching.  She strongly believes in a solid foundation and complete understanding of the basics of the dance.

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